I have had experience with a few other local counseling agencies and none compare to my experience at Olivewood. I love that the atmosphere has a more homey feeling rather than the feeling of a medical office building. The staff are all very friendly and have been happy to just chat when I am early for an appointment. They also have a good sense of humor and are willing to laugh at themselves so there is no stuffy arrogance when interacting with them. They are “real” and genuinely understand and get it.

The positive attitude of my therapist and her ability to adapt to where I am at on any given day is like a breath of fresh air, and I always walk out feeling better and like I can keep going. Even when I cry during the session, I can feel that it is healing rather than feeling stuck.

Coming here has been a lifesaver and helped me to move forward and continue to grow as a person.
— Alyssa, 29
Counseling is not a sign of weakness, but, a sign of strength to look inside and change your life.
— Deb, 62
my theripist Dr. Sue would allways be there to cheer me up. She is so spcil to me
— 8 year old client, in client's own words and spelling (Sue is not a Dr.)
Come as you are. Leave with encouragement, empowerment, and a bag of tools to utilize... doesn’t mean everything will be skittles and rainbows, but a feeling of togetherness with yourself... I’m not the victim, I’m victorious!
— adult client
Life has been much more livable with the help of Olivewood. I’m not that depressed and I can handle my problems much easier now.
— Collin, 17